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“I was in Detroit on business and had the good fortune to be referred to Dr. Hudson’s office. I had a wonderful experience—such a kind and competent staff and Dr. Hudson took excellent care of my dental issue. I didn’t expect to receive such fine care away from home.”

– C.K.

“Dr. Hudson and his staff are very compassionate & made me feel very comfortable at my visit. Very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions! I would highly recommend Dr. Hudson & the staff! Thank you!”

– C.M.

“This has been a very good, pain free experience from Dr. Hudson and his staff. I would recommend my family and friends.”

– E.D.H.

“I have received a brand new look in my mouth. I cannot believe how real this case looks. You really can’t tell that it is a denture. I am very satisfied and thrilled with the service I have received from Dr. Keith A. Hudson and his staff. I can smile with confidence and the main thing is that I can eat and chew my food a lot better now than I would have been able to without this service. This service exceeded my expectations and it is well worth the cost. Thank you very much Dr. Hudson for your professionalism and expertise.”


“I was so scared to even come. But, after getting here and meeting everyone, I am very happy I came. Everyone is very outgoing, understanding, and warm. I feel good about coming back. I feel so much better. I feel I can trust everyone here. I knew what they were doing at all times. They understood my fears. Everyone here is awesome. I will bring my family here.”

– A.M.

“I am extremely pleased with the procedures that the staff has performed. I was terrified with the thought of the pain I expected. To my great surprise, I had NONE! The staff is friendly and very accommodating. I would highly recommend this office to anyone. I was given a schedule on the onset of my procedure and everything has gone according to the plan. I am no longer afraid to smile and will do a lot of smiling when my son gets married in July. I thank God for Dr. Keith Hudson and his wonderful staff.”

– K.H.

“Excellent service, Friendly staff, tooth removal with no pain.”

– L.R.

“I am very happy to say that I am extremely pleased with the services provided to me by Dr. Hudson and his staff. My implant was “pain-free”, quick and professional. I thought that I would have to live with a “hole” in my smile, but the knowledgeable, caring and warm staff proved otherwise. The office is modern, clean, and a friendly place to be. My experience has been top-notch!”

– T.P.

“I am a person who is rarely at a loss for words when expressing my feelings, but, when asked to write my thoughts about the services I received, I find this to be the case, however, I will do my best. Problem is my joy and excitement keeps getting in the way. After receiving my implants my life turned completely around. I can chew food for the first time in 5 years. Until I received my implants, I hadn’t eaten an apple, a piece of celery, steak, corn on the cob, raw vegetables, most fruits, and no nuts or seeds. Most of the healthier foods were off-limits to me. Now, I can eat anything my heart desires. Oh happy day!

In addition, I can smile now without covering my mouth with my hand. My new teeth are so beautiful. I love smiling and I do it a lot. Plus, my teeth fit perfectly in my mouth and I look younger now that my lower jaw is filled with teeth. Dr. Hudson, I am so blessed to have had and to have a dentist with your dedication and commitment to excellence in providing my dental services. Thank you and God bless you.”

– M.J.

“My experience today was wonderful. I came in and received good service, Dr. Keith Hudson and his assistant [were] great.”

– R.B.

“I must start off saying that, I love this dental office. I’ve always in the past been afraid of the dentist. The noise the drill makes and the fear of feeling pain. However, the staff as well as Dr. Hudson makes it so much easier. I do not feel any pain. The staff as well as Dr. Hudson is very professional. The office is always clean and everyone is pleasant. Each and every time I come the staff takes very good care of me. I’ve told all of my friends. Now, we all come to Dr. Hudson. I am very satisfied.” – A.M.

“Coming here to the dentist’s office, I felt very nervous until I got to meet [Dr. Hudson] and the coworkers. They made me feel very comfortable and secure about the job that they were going to do. Leaving the office today, I felt like a brand new man; a confident man. I also left the office with some good advice.”

– M.S.

“The benefits from the dental services I’ve received are two-fold to me:

I can smile without embarrassment now

I don’t have to wear a partial plate.

The service I received here was an implant. My front tooth was broken and on the recommendation of a cousin (friend), I was introduced to Dr. Hudson. I have enjoyed every visit I’ve had to make. Dr. Hudson & his staff (Drew) are the best; Professional in every way. All of my questions and concerns were handled with the utmost care.”

– A.G.

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